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Awesome wooden box:
Box includes:
RC206 Russian Cockpit Torquise
RC207 Leuchtorange-Luminous Orange RAL 2005
RC208 Graublau-Grey Blue RAL 5008
RC209 Olive Green/USMC Green RAL 6003/FS34095
RC210 Silbergrau -Silver Grey RAL 7001
RC211 Grüngrau-Green Grey RAL 7009 (MODERN)
RC212 Basaltgrau-Basalt Grey RAL 7012
RC213 Steingrau-Stone Grey RAL 7030
RC214 Lichtgrau-Light Grey RAL 7035
RC215 Staubgrau-Dusty Grey RAL 7037
RC216 Quarzgrau-Quartz Grey RAL 7039
RC217 Seidengrau-Silk Grey RAL 7044
RC218 Olive Braun-Olive Brown RAL 8008
RC219 MNO 2036 Smalt Khaki Avion
RC220 Light Gull Grey FS 16440
RC221 ADC Grey FS 16473
RC222 Insignia White FS 17875
RC223 Tan FS 20400
RC224 Brown FS 30140
RC225 Dark Tan FS 30219
RC226 Sand FS 33531
RC227 Radome Tan FS 33613
RC228 USMC Sand FS 33711
RC229 US Army Helo Drab FS 34031
RC230 Dull Dark Green FS 34092
RC231 Field Green FS 34097
RC232 Pale Green FS 34227
RC233 Green FS 34258
RC234 Aggressor Blue FS 35109
RC235 Intermediate Blue FS 35164
RC236 Blue FS 35190
RC237 Medium Grey FS 35237
RC238 Light Blue FS 35414
RC239 Air Superiority Blue FS 35450
RC240 Light Sky Blue FS 35526
RC241 Duck Egg Blue FS 35622
RC242 Dark Eggplant Grey FS 36076
RC243 Grey FS 36081
RC244 Medium Gunship Grey FS 36118
RC245 Have Glass Grey
RC246 F-15 Dark Grey (MOD EAGLE) FS 36176
RC247 Dark Gull Grey FS 36231
RC248 Aggressor Grey FS 36251
RC249 Medium Grey FS 36270
RC250 Light Sea Grey FS 36307
RC251 Dark Ghost Grey FS 36320
RC252 Light Ghost Grey FS 36375
RC253 Light Grey FS 36495
RC254 Camouflage Grey FS 36622
RC255 M-485 Light Grey
RC256 M-485 Blue Grey
RC257 Sea Blue
RC258 Dark Sea Blue
RC259 Dark Olive Drab 41
RC260 Medium Green 42
RC261 Neutral Grey 43
RC262 US Interior Yellow Green
RC263 Zinc Chromate Yellow
RC264 Bronze Green
RC265 RLM 02 RLM-GRAU (1938)
RC266 RLM 02 RLM-GRAU (1941)
RC267 RLM 04
RC268 RLM 61 / RAL 8019
RC269 RLM 62
RC270 RLM 63
RC271 RLM 65 (1938)
RC272 RLM 65 (1941)
RC273 RLM 66
RC274 RLM 70
RC275 RLM 71
RC276 RLM 72
RC277 RLM 73
RC278 RLM 74
RC279 RLM 75
RC280 RLM 78 (1941)
RC281 RLM 78 (1942)
RC282 RLM 79 (1941)
RC283 RLM 79 (1942)
RC284 RLM 80
RC285 RAF SKY GREY / FS 26373
RC286 RAF Dark Green
RC287 RAF Dark Earth
RC288 RAF Ocean Grey
RC289 RAF Medium Sea Grey BS381C/637
RC290 RAF SKY / FS 34424
RC291 RAF Azure Blue
RC292 RAF Middle Stone
RC293 RAF Cockpit Grey-Green
RC294 RAF Dark Slate Grey
RC295 RAF Extra Dark Sea Grey BS381C/640
RC296 RAF Dark Sea Grey BS381C/638
RC297 RAF Pru Blue BS381C/636
RC298 RAF Light Aircraft Grey BS381C/627
RC299 RAF Camouflage (BARLEY) Grey BS381C/626
RC300 RAF Dark Camouflage Grey BS381C/629
RC301 RAF Camouflage Beige (HEMP) BS 381C/389
RC304 IJN D1 Deep Green Black
RC305 IJN D2 Green Black
RC306 IJN M3 (M) MITSUBISHI Interior Green
RC307 IJN M3 (N) NAKAJIMA Interior Green
RC308 AE-9 / AII Light Grey
RC309 AII Green
RC310 AII Light Blue
RC311 A-18F Light Grey-Blue
RC312 A-19F Grass Green
RC313 AMT-1 Light Brown
RC314 A-21M Light Yellowish Brown
RC315 AMT-4 / A-24M Green
RC316 AMT-7 Light Blue
RC317 AMT-11 Blue Grey
RC318 AMT-12 Dark Grey
RC319 A-14 Interior Steel Grey
RC320 RLM 76 Version 1
RC321 RLM 76 Version 2
RC322 RLM 76 Late War Variation
RC323 RLM 81 Version 1
RC324 RLM 81 Version 2
RC325 RLM 81 Version 3
RC326 RLM 82
RC327 RLM 83
RC328 Hairyokushoku (Grey-Green)
RC329 Hairanshoku (Grey Indigo)
RC330 Ohryuko Nana Go Shoku (Olive Brown)
RC331 Midori Iro (Green)
RC332 Ao Midori Iro (Blue-Green)
RC333 Ki Midori Iro (Yellow-Green)
RC334 Karekusa Iro (Dry Grass Colour)
RC335 Cha Kasshoku (Tea Colour)
RC336 MIG-25/MIG-31 Grey
RC337 MIG-29 Light Grey
RC338 MIG-29 Grey Green.

Additional details for the WOODEN TRANSPORT BOX, Real Colors AIR Special edition real colors set:
  • Manufactured by AK Interactive with reference RC_WOOD_AIR.
  • Includes 10ml x 133 jars.
  • Package measures 312 mm x 390 mm x 120 mm (width x depth x height), weighting 8860 g.
This item is not suitable for children under 18 years old. Aeronautiko recommend this item for advanced modellers and professionals with high experience on building cars and bikes. Read carefully all instructions.

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Usually resupplied every 2 weeks approx.



$376.29 £303.85 ¥52584.00
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Image 1: WOODEN TRANSPORT BOX, Real Colors AIR  Special edition | Real colors set manufactured by AK Interactive (ref. RC_WOOD_AIR)Image 2: WOODEN TRANSPORT BOX, Real Colors AIR  Special edition | Real colors set manufactured by AK Interactive (ref. RC_WOOD_AIR)