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Gray color that is perfect for use as a basis for any color.
Its superb adhesion qualities combined with a matt-satin finish make our primer the perfect choice for preparing models for painting.
Only a light layer of primer is required for full, effective coverage.
Water soluble, odorless and non-toxic. Shake well before each use.
We recommend AK-712 Acrylic Thinner for a correct thinning.
Dries completely in 24 hours.

Additional details for the Primer grey primer:
  • Manufactured by AK Interactive with reference AK175.
  • Includes 60ml jar.
  • Package measures 40 mm x 40 mm x 130 mm (width x depth x height), weighting 250 g.
Paints recommended by AK Interactive for this product:
This item is not suitable for children under 18 years old. Aeronautiko recommend this item for advanced modellers and professionals with high experience on building cars and bikes. Read carefully all instructions.

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