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Alclad chrome is one of the most interesting colours. Why? Because there isn't a single car or bike without a single chromed part, right? The color comes already prepared for airbrush use, and for the best results we recommend its application always over a black paint coat as glossy as possible: the glossier that coat, the better the final results. It is a 30ml bottle.

Additional details for the Chrome paint:
  • Manufactured by Alclad with reference ALC107.
  • Package measures 45 mm x 100 mm x 45 mm (width x depth x height), weighting 80 g.
Paints recommended by Alclad for this product:
This item is not suitable for children under 18 years old. Aeronautiko recommend this item for advanced modellers and professionals with high experience on building cars and bikes. Read carefully all instructions.

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