Sales system
To make a purchase, the user must fill a purchase order form, listing all the desired items, and including the shipping address, shipping method and payment form. This order form must be sent by electronic means or any other system you believe appropriate, after reading and accepting these terms of use.
Information and displayed data
Displayed prices, references, photographs, descriptions, notes and conditions are merely informational and can be modified according to market fluctuations or product changes. Nonetheless, the fulfillment and confirmation of an order form implies the acceptance of the price shown and the general conditions valid at that exact moment. Once an order is formalized, the purchase will be considered finished to the full extents of the applicable law, including all legal rights protecting the customer, and all prices and conditions will become contractual obligations between the parties, not subject to any modifications without explicit consent of both parties.
Order processing
Only one shipment per order will be made, so all orders will be shipped as soon as all the items in the order are in stock. If they are not all available in stock, the estimated date of the order becomes ready for shipping will the latest arrival date of all items in the order. Our website shows realtime stock availability and estimated arrival dates for all items not in stock. In case that, for any reasons, it becomes utterly impossible to provide an item included in the order, that item will be cancelled and the order will proceed.
Shipments will be made according to the shipping method choosen by the customer from those available on the site. Postage and packaging expenses will be calculated for each order based on the destination country of the shipment and the weight of the purchased items.
Payment methods
Orders will be payed according tho the payment method choosen by the customer from those available on the site.
Access and use
Any access or use of Aeronautiko by the user means adherence to all the conditions published. The access to Aeronautiko is responsibility of the user, being free in all its forms. However, some services and content may be associated to the registration on the service or product.
The unlawful use of any service or illegitimate use of passwords by third party will be responsibility of the user. Therefore, the user is obligated to notify managers immediately about any fact which permits the use of identifiers and/or passwords, such as theft, loss, or unauthorized access. In that case, Aeronautiko will proceed to the immediate cancellation of the user account.
Aeronautiko does not guarantee the legality, reliability, usefulness, truth or accuracy of the information or services that we offer. There is no guarantee on the contents, the absence of errors or the correction of any defects that may occur, the absence of virus and/or other harmful components, or the server that supplies it, the invulnerability of Aeronautiko and/or impregnability of the security measures taken, the lack of utility or performance of any Aeronautiko component, damages caused to yourself or a third party, any person who breaches the conditions, rules and instructions set out in or via Aeronautiko or security systems adopted by Aeronautiko. However, Aeronautiko will take all necessary measures, within the possibilities and limitations of the technology, to ensure the working order of Aeronautiko
Offers and promotions
Aeronautiko can offer promotional prices and special offers, that may or may not be more advantageous than the terms and conditions you contracted. Any of these promotions or modifications will not affect the obligations included in this contract, although we are not bound or obliged to offer such promotions to any customer. Promotional rates may be bound to additional terms and conditions, overriding the ones present in this contract in case of conflict.
Amendment of conditions
The terms and conditions explained here may be modified, in whole or in part, any time if required. Notwithstanding the conditions, Aeronautiko may finish, suspend or interrupt access to the contents of the site at any time without prior notice, with no possibility to require any compensation by the user.
Cookie policy

Our website uses both first and third party cookies while you are browsing our pages. Cookies are just small text files saved on your device, where we store information about your session (language preferences, shopping cart contents, etc...), a random number for your chat session with us (in order to keep the different concurrent conversations separated from each other), and anonymous information about your visit (from which country do you come from, from which social network or banner did you arrive, if you are a first time visitor or a regular, how many time you stay on our site, what browser are you using, your device screen resolution, etc...), that we use to improve our website, detect user needs and bugs and assess the possible changes, in order to provide a better service for visitors like you.

Since cookies are just plain text files, they can't be used to personally identify you or harm the performance of your computer (they can't be infected with a virus since they're not a computer program). Cookies cannot "read" anything on your hard drive, or "capture" your email address or "steal" any other information about you that might be stored in your device.

We use Google Analytics to gather, analyze and manage the statistical information, and Zopim Chat to manage, organize and answer your chats. These third parties can use each data respectively to improve their own services or offer different services to other corporations. You can get more information about such possible uses in the related links.

These are the cookies we use at Aeronautiko:

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If you continue browsing our website, you accept this cookie usage for the mentioned purposes (and not other). Anyway, you can always restrict, block or even delete the cookies we have stored in your device by using your browser options, although doing so you couldn't benefit from some of the website functionalities that make use of them (such as, for instance, remembering your preferences or making online chats with us to solve your questions).
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About Aeronautiko
Since July 28th 2017, the commercial operation of Aeronautiko will be performed by David Marcos Ordua, residing at c/ Mto. Sta. Mara de la Moreruela, 10-2E, at Valladolid, operating under VAT 09346574H.