Newsletter 017: Perfection lies in the details :D

Perfection lies in the details :D

Perfection lies in the details :D
If I were building an Messerschmitt Me262, I wouldn't try anything else: I'd use the spectacularly painted photoetches from Eduard. And they're even customized for the different kits on the market! Are you going to resist the temptation? :D

Besides, one of the biggest transkits manufacturers, yet somewhat unknown in the aviation world, is the french brand Renaissance, and this time we have several different resins for the Focke-Wulf FW190, Dewoitine D.520 and a veeeeeeery interesting transformation for the Mirage F1, as well as several decals for the Spitfire Mk IX and the Super Sabre.

In the need of glueing pieces together? You're lucky too, there are A LOT of 1/48 and 1/72 kits straight from the oven from Hobby Boss, full of details and quality :D

Let your imagination fly! :D

Renaissance Models: Decals 1/48 scale - North American F-100 Super Sabre - Arme de l'Air - different locations - for all kits and versions

Reference: REN-RF48038

This decals set will let you chose any of the following registrations: EC4/11 Djibouti: 11-YB serial 64017, Lt Lecointre / Adj. Demange; 11-YV serieal 42156: Lt Yung / Sgt Samalbatcha; 11-YD seriall 42235: S/Lt Faure / Sgt. Lorthes; 11-YE serial 42125: Cne Emond
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