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ALCLAD II Lacquers reproduce a wide range of realistic and durable metal finishes.

For use on injection plastic kits a primer is necessary. 'Regular ALCLAD' is similar in strength to lacquer/cellulose car paints-injected polystyrene plastics frequently have areas which ALCLAD can craze.

Primer should be lightly polished with 1000/1200 wet & dry paper to give a less absorbent glossy surface .

ALCLAD High Shine -Chrome and Polished Aluminium both require a dark glossy base.

Polished Aluminium should be used over Tamiya TS-14 gloss black,or gloss black auto paint.

Chrome and only chrome should be used over gloss black model enamel paint.

SPRAYING: ALCLAD should be sprayed at 15-20psi. Use the airbrush like a paint brush not an aerosol.

Buffing is not necessary-though tonal variation can be made by polishing selected panels with micromesh. A sealer is not required.

Regular ALCLAD can be masked and over painted Decal solutions can be used with Regular ALCLAD,but are not recommended for Chrome or Polished Aluminium.

Application Directions:
Shake well before use.
Thoroughly clean surfaces.
Remove Adhesive Residue, Release Agent & Fingerprints.
Spray light coats at 15 - 20 psi.
Back ALCLAD II with any dark color.
Clean with lacquer thinners.
Highly Flamable
Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors
Ensure adequate ventilation
Irritant - In case of eye contact, rinse with water.
Harmful if swallowed. Call physician immediately.
Long term exposure may be dangerous.
Keep out of reach of children.

Additional details for the Candy Ruby Red - 30 ml paint:
  • Manufactured by Alclad with reference ALC703.
  • Package measures 45 mm x 100 mm x 45 mm (width x depth x height), weighting 80 g.
This item is not suitable for children under 18 years old. Aeronautiko recommend this item for advanced modellers and professionals with high experience on building cars and bikes. Read carefully all instructions.

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Image 1: Candy Ruby Red - 30 ml | Paint manufactured by Alclad (ref. ALC703)